Project Submission for Elementary Students

The Submission Google Form!

When Elementary students are done completing their experiment and filming their project video, they can submit their project to the NDSERSEF Elementary Science Fair through the Google Form below!

Note - teams of two must submit one single form including both students' information/waivers (the form includes an option to select 'Team' that will generate the same questions for each of the two team members)!

Note - Google Forms now requires users to sign in to a Google account (an email account - the account you may use to sign in to YouTube) in order to upload large videos.  Please contact if you would like assistance with or have questions about the submission form.

The following button will take you to the submission form!  

Alternatively, you may copy and paste the following link to access the form:

What do I need to submit my project?

Note - teams of two complete one submission form containing fields for both students

2024 Elementary Science Fair Waiver.pdf