SERSEF Presentations

A very important part of the STEM research process is communicating your findings to others, and the students of the Southeast Regional Science and Engineering Fair get to be a part of this process by showing their research to judges, volunteers, and the public.  SERSEF presentations consist of two parts: a display and a project explanation.  Displays help students show their research with graphs, tables, diagrams, pictures, written explanations, or other visual elements, while project explanations allow students to summarize the importance, methods, and results of their research to judges.  The SERSEF judges also ask the competitors questions to gain a better understanding of their research, the inspiration for their research, and their knowledge of their research topic.

Common Display Types

There are many other amazing ways to display your research, but there are also limitations on displays for the safety and equity of the SERSEF presenters.  Click below to learn more about the Display and Safety Regulations that all Junior Division and Senior Division participants must adhere to.